North Kilworth Wharf is a small family run wharf, Harry (dad) and Rachael (daughter) took over the running of the business in 2011 when Harry, fed up with retirement, decided to buy the business. He had worked at the wharf in the 70s when it was Hucker Marine and lived on a narrow boat for a few years. We kept the staff that the previous owners had employed with Rachael eventually marrying the boat painter Ben. Now that Harry has decided to try out semi-retirement again the running of the business has been left to Rachael with help from boat painter/engineer husband Ben, and son Tristan, who is shaping up to be a good painter.

North Kilworth Wharf specialises in all aspects of boat servicing. This includes:

Boat painting and blacking
Welding, fabrication and boat fitting
Day boat hire
Boat brokerage
Engineering and electrical
Hard standing and mooring
Calor Gas, Red diesel, Coal

We also supply smokeless fuels, waste pump out and Elsan Blue from our boat yard. If you need other extras like groceries, alcohol and chandlery, our shop is well stocked to meet your needs. At North Kilworth Wharf, you can find everything for your travels in one place.

Please visit the various service pages on our website to find out more about how we can help you.

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